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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 03:49 AM

After failing to get Ekiga or Kphone working with I have finally found a VOIP application for Linux that works with Twinkle can be installed with apt-get in Debian/unstable and is straight forward to setup. Making outgoing calls worked right away whereas receiving calls required some hacking. Read on for my configuration settings and a patch to make incoming calls work with

After changing the kernel configuration connections to the STUN server and calls failed intermittently. Removing the ip_nat_sip kernel module resolved the problems.


  1. The phone number is used for the user and authentication name:

  2. The SIP server is

  3. RFC 2833 DTMF signaling seems to be unsupported by but Out-of-band mode works:

  4. Connecting to the internet through a NAT router requires as a STUN server:

Incoming calls

Unfortunately Twinkle rejected all incoming calls with 404 Not found since it could not match the user ids transmitted in invite messages. strangely appends instead of as the domain prefix: 'INVITE SIP/2.0'. In case of using a proxy the user id is composed of the id, domain and proxy ip: 'INVITE sip:1234567_sipgate_de@ SIP/2.0'. Twinkle expects '' and rejects the call.

Here is a patch that works around this by modifying t_phone_user::match() to accept any incoming call (a similar patch is available at Twinkle's homepage):

--- twinkle-1.0~beta/src/phone_user.cpp 2006-12-28 11:28:26.000000000 -0500
+++ twinkle-1.0~beta-patched/src/phone_user.cpp 2007-01-14 16:54:10.000000000 -0500
@@ -1010,7 +1010,8 @@
return true;
- return false;
+ //return false;
+ return true;
bool t_phone_user::match(StunMessage *r, t_tuid tuid) const {


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