Tips & Tricks for Palm III devices

Saturday, January 02, 1999 at 03:31 AM

Scratchy Screen

Put transpartent sheet (i.e. for overhead projectors) on top of the pilot screen. Make it slightly bigger than the screen and slide the border underneath the pilot's case. If it is not smooth enough put a little bit of (car) wax on the transparent sheet and your stylus will slide accross the screen like it used to on the first day.

Additionally you can protect the graffiti area with a little strip of removable scotch tape or tesa film. It doesn't get scrachted as fast as transparent sheets.

Reset (paper-clip)

Screw off the top of your stylus and it will reveal a reset pin!

Battery drain

Don't leave your Palm in the cradle even if the computer is shut off (the serial port will remain open) and turn off "Beam Receive" in the "Preferences"

Low Sound

Drill little holes in the back of your Palm.

Loose Stylus

Wrap a small piece of tape around your Stylus and it will be tightened as it was on the first day.

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