Using OpenVPN with CAcert certificates

The goal was to setup a server that allowed authenticated users access to a VPN. Here are the important bits from server configuration:

port 1194proto udpdev tundh dh1024.pem server ifconfig-pool-persist...

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Linux (Debian) on a Lenovo Thinkpad X61s

Most of the hardware on the Lenovo Thinkpad X61s works with the Debian standard kernel. The few things that require a bit of tweaking are described here.


Supported Hardware Components

CPU: Intel LV7500 Core2 Duo, 1.6 Ghz....

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Using with Twinkle

After failing to get Ekiga or Kphone working with I have finally found a VOIP application for Linux that works with Twinkle can be installed with apt-get in Debian/unstable and is straight forward to setup....

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Howto run OpenWRT on a Fritz!Box 7170 in a chroot environment

I recently got an AVM Fritz!Box and I was curious how much effort it would take to extend the Linux system running on the box. I had no incentive to replace the original firmware by a completely different image since it does...

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Watching WMV movies in Konqueror

Konqueror would not play wmv videos with the mime type application/x-mplayer2 on my Debian system so I manually added the mime type to konqueror’s file associations which fixed the problem.

Here is a screenshot of the...

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Fixing Firefox sound output on Debian

Felix pointed out to me that after doing a dist-upgrade Firefox wouldn't work with artsdsp so flash plugins couldn't produce any sound. The solution is to edit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc and set:


For more details...

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Troubleshooting Kleopatra

While trying to import my CACert certificate on my laptop into Kleopatra I encountered a few misleading error messages. I have collected the messages like General error and noted how I work around them.

Generally speaking,...

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Reading mails encrypted by Thunderbird with KMail

I wish I could read S/MIME encrypted mails received from Thunderbird users with KMail but unfortunately gpgsm which is used by KMail does not support RC2 encryption - the algorithm Thunderbird encrypts mails with. Looking at...

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Fixing permission for my USB scanner on Debian

Today I wasn’t able to access my scanner with xsane as a user (that belongs to group scanner) anymore. Checking the permissions in /proc/bus/usb revealed that the permission configuration of hotplugd had not set the group to...

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Using CACert certificates with KMail on Debian

Since I had some difficulties getting my CACert certificate integrated with KMail on Debian unstable, I wanted to share the steps I took in order to get email encryption and singing up and running. Basically you need to run...

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Creating KMail filter rules from .procmailrc

A simple script that converts procmail filter rules to kmail filter rules. The script will kill all your existing filter rules! Use at your own risk.

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Converting from mbox to Maildir format

Prepare a .procmail file that sorts mail into the desired Maildir folders and run this command for each mbox file:

cat /var/mail/mbox | formail -ds procmail

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Linux IrDA driver for IBM Thinkpad X40

nsc-ircc-pc8738x.diff adds support for the PC8738x IrDA chip that is used on my IBM Thinkpad X40. So far only SIR mode (115 kbit) has been successfully tested.

Update: Merged into the kernel since 2.6.12-rc1.


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Linux (Debian) on IBM Thinkpad X40

There are plenty of pages on the Internet that describe in detail how to setup Linux on an IBM Thinkpad X40. Google is your friend. I have only listed things here that I to my knowledge have not been described elsewhere.


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Ada support for Debian MinGW package

mingw32-debian-package-ada-lanuage-support- enhances the Debian mingw32 package with support for Ada. Run 'apt-get source mingw32', apply the patch and see debian/rules on how to enable Ada support.

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