Fixing Firefox sound output on Debian

Felix pointed out to me that after doing a dist-upgrade Firefox wouldn't work with artsdsp so flash plugins couldn't produce any sound. The solution is to edit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc and set:


For more details...

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Troubleshooting Kleopatra

While trying to import my CACert certificate on my laptop into Kleopatra I encountered a few misleading error messages. I have collected the messages like General error and noted how I work around them.

Generally speaking,...

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Fixing permission for my USB scanner on Debian

Today I wasn’t able to access my scanner with xsane as a user (that belongs to group scanner) anymore. Checking the permissions in /proc/bus/usb revealed that the permission configuration of hotplugd had not set the group to...

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Using CACert certificates with KMail on Debian

Since I had some difficulties getting my CACert certificate integrated with KMail on Debian unstable, I wanted to share the steps I took in order to get email encryption and singing up and running. Basically you need to run...

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Ada support for Debian MinGW package

mingw32-debian-package-ada-lanuage-support- enhances the Debian mingw32 package with support for Ada. Run 'apt-get source mingw32', apply the patch and see debian/rules on how to enable Ada support.

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